Rebel #A23-10000: Male Dog
Rebel   ID: A23-10000   Gender: Male  Dog
Available Available: 3/28/2023     Location: Location: I Paw'd It Forward

Breeds: Airedale TerrierAltered: Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: Color: Tan and BlackAge: Age: 1 year
Coat: Coat: MediumTail: Tail: Bobbed
Size: Size: MediumWeight: Weight: 65
Eyes: Eyes: BrownEars: Ears: Floppy
Rebel is an almost 2 year old Airedale looking for his forever home. Rebel has had a lot of change in his short life thus far and would do well in a home with structure, training, and time to let him become the best dog he can be. He was kenneled most of his life until he was lost for several months at the beginning of 2023, in the woods in rural WA. He does not have any training, but is highly trainable. He would do best in an environment ready to give him a job (training). He will fetch and LOVE it as long as you don't throw it to far :). He loves Jolly balls, and tennis balls. He loves water! He seems oblivious to our farm birds, and we are working on testing him with dogs. So far he gets along great with our high energy female dogs. He just wants to play play play!
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